Monday, October 26, 2015

Come with Me to the Dark Side

Hey guys, check out this outfit from Flippant just in time for Halloween! Something you should know...Flippant is a clothing designer that creates women's clothing, but has graciously made this Dark Conte outfit to match her Dark Contessa outfit. So guys, stay tuned for occasionally more men's items from Flippant.

Style Card

Body: TheMeshProject - Deluxe Body - Marketplace 
Head: TheMeshProject - Classic Deluxe - Marketplace 
Skin: Aeros - Aeson (Tequila Smooth) TMP Appliers - Marketplace 
Eyebrows: Tableau Vivant - Attractive - Marketplace 
Eyes: TheShops - Gloss (Browns) - Marketplace 
Facepaint: Tableau Vivant - Dia de los muertos (mort vivant) - @ Collabor88 

Outfit: Flippant - Dark Conte - Marketplace 
Hat: ***Created with the following items***
Porcupine Lab (SLurl not available) - FULL PERM MESH SteamPunk Top Hat - Marketplace 
LDG (SLurl not available) - FULL PERM 972 Sunflower Hair Accessory - Marketplace 
LCorse (SLurl not available) Flower rose deco 3 Full Permission - Marketplace 

Diesel Works - Zephyr5 - Marketplace 
Diesel Works - Dante6 - Marketplace 



Marketplace ✔ - Available on Marketplace
Marketplace  - Not Available on Marketplace
@ Event Name  - Available at an Event