Friday, November 6, 2015

Too Bad to Stay

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My friend Laura and I decided to do another collaborative blog post. Please check out her post HERE.

Style Card

Body: TheMeshProject - Deluxe Body - Marketplace 
Head: TheMeshProject - Classic Deluxe - Marketplace 
Skin: Aeros - Aeson (Tequila Smooth) TMP Appliers - Marketplace 
Eyebrows: Tableau Vivant - Attractive - Marketplace 
Facial Hair: Clef de Peau - Beard 4 Brown - Marketplace 
Hair: Damselfly - Deaglan (Dark Brown) - Marketplace 
Eyes: Mayfly - Luminous (Dark Ocean Shadow) - Marketplace 

Vest: V-Spot - SoCool Leather Jacket (Brown) - Marketplace 
Pants: Cold Ash - Ocelot Jeans - Marketplace 
Shoes: Cold Ash - Jericho Desert Boots - Marketplace 

Constantine Productions - Unfurnished Little Brook House - Marketplace 
Kaerri - Fabulous furniture set - Marketplace 

Image Essentials - Framed - Marketplace 


Marketplace ✔ - Available on Marketplace (At the time of this blog post)
Marketplace  - Not Available on Marketplace (At the time of this blog post)
@ Event Name  - Available at an Event (At the time of this blog post)