Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Festive Living

Festive Living

Hey everyone! Long time no see. Sorry about the long hiatus. No outfits in today's blog post, but I wanted to feature these designs from two awesome Home & Garden designers, Serenity Style and [CIRCA]. Both of these designs can be found at SaNaRae until the 18th of September.

Serenity Style's Mauricette furniture set includes a couch, armchair, table, and decorative vase. Both seating units include several different animations to make yourself comfortable.

Add a little festive lighting to your environment with [CIRCA]'s Dreamer/Festival Light Art. There are three different lights in the Dreamer Light Art line and six different lights in the Festival Light Art line. Each light comes in five different preset colors to match the mood of your environment.

If you like these sets, please head on down to SaNaRae and support these designers as well as the others there.


Serenity Style | Mauricette Living Full Set | @ SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Dreamer Light Art" - Glitter String Set | SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Dreamer Light Art" - Star Cloud | SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Festival Light Art" - Flower Burst | SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Festival Light Art" - Horizon Sun | SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Festival Light Art" - Spin Burst | SaNaRae 
[CIRCA] | "Festival Light Art" - Star Burst | SaNaRae 


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