Wednesday, February 4, 2015

College Daze

Hey guys! Sorry about the long delay between this post and the last one. I was waiting for inspiration and have finally found it. During one of my marketplace sessions the other day looking for clothes, I ran across this polo shirt by Shai. When I saw it, I just had to do a school themed blog post. I am reusing the pants, shoes, and hair from previous blog posts because I think they work well with this outfit. I could be biased though since I am the one who bought them in the first place, haha - they work well in many situations. What do you think?

Style Card

Body: #TheMeshProject - Deluxe Body - In World
Deluxe Hands
Retro Neck Fader (Tone21)
Skin: *Birth* - Sebastian (Forest) Stubble - In World / Marketplace
Hair: Dura - Boys & Girls 47 (Dark Brown) - In World / Marketplace
Eyes: Mayfly - Luminous (Espresso)  - In World / Marketplace
Shirt: *Shai* - Men's Pique Polo (Sky) - In World / Marketplace
Jeans: Lenox - 2015 Denim Mens - In World
Shoes: Kal Rau - Street Sneakers - No Longer Available
Watch: Izzie's - Opulent Watch - In World / Marketplace
Backpack: Epia - Casual Backpack - In World / Marketplace
Books: Static - Bookworm - Marketplace

**The pose was my own personal creation. Not available for purchase at this time.**