Monday, February 16, 2015

The Ship of Dreams

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It will be 103 years this April that many men and women boarded a ship bound for New York. Most of these men and women didn't make it. The Ship of Dreams, R.M.S. Titanic, was considered unsinkable at the time of its creation. We all know that sadly wasn't the case. The ship now sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Time and the elements will eventually deteriorate the remains of the ship. While it will soon be gone, the memories will not be forgotten.

When I ran across this suit at The Mens Dept., the product image made me think of it as being from the early 1900s. So I set off on my journey to find the perfect spot to set up my scene for this post. I have always been fascinated with the history of Titanic, so that was my first choice for this blog post. I also started playing with the idea of Paris 1900, but eventually settled back on my original Titanic idea, clearly.

We, the people of Second Life, are very fortunate to have such great content creators. I'm sure most of you have been to the Titanic sim, but it is a must see if you have not. Be sure to have some formal wear ready for your visit, as it is a requirement. Do you remember in the James Cameron film where Jack and Fabrizio are standing at the front of the ship and Jack shouts, "I'm the King of the world!"? I tried to recreate that scene in the image to the left. How did I do? 

Not everything in this ship is historically accurate, as it is basically set up as a club/mall kind of deal. You have the ballroom at the rear deck of the ship and scattered throughout are various shops for you to browse through. You do get several areas set up just as they were in the real ship. You have to check out the grand staircase, it is very accurate if you ask me.

So the next time you are out looking for a place to explore, please go check out the R.M.S. Titanic sim. You won't be disappointed!

Style Card

Skin: *Birth* - Sebastian (Forest) Stubble - In World / Marketplace
Hair: Damselfly - Hair Base Mens 250 v3 - Included with hair purchases
Eyes: Mayfly - Luminous (Espresso)  - In World / Marketplace
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance (Relax) L - In World / Marketplace
(Curl) R - In World / Marketplace
Suit: Deadwool - The Dandy (Green) - L$300 @TMD February
Formal Jacket
Formal Trousers (Shadowed)
Belt (Brown)
Shoes: Just Design - Valentino (Earth) - L$250 @TMD February
Hat: Sculptasaur - Bowler Hat (My own custom texture) - Marketplace
Cane: Albion - Silver Walking Stick - Marketplace

Pose: Custom creation by me

Photo Location: R.M.S. Titanic